James Cy Wang, DMD

Meet Dr. Wang

Dr. James Wang graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia, obtaining his DMD degree in 2017. Born and raised in Vancouver, Dr. Wang brings his passion for providing clinical excellence in dentistry to Northern Alberta. Since graduating in 2017, Dr. Wang has been practicing at Spirit River Dental as the sole provider for dentistry in the surrounding area.

In childhood, Dr. Wang had always had a love and talent for artistry, spending his free time sketching or playing the piano. As time passed, he found himself also drawn towards the natural sciences, having a particular interest in biology and astronomy. As a practicing dentist, Dr. Wang hopes to combine his love for both the arts and the sciences to provide his patients with dental work that is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Wang serves Spirit River and the communities surrounding the area with all aspects of dental care, and finds gratification in the variety of treatment options he is able to present to his patients. 

In addition, Dr. Wang has always had a passion for continuing to learn about progressive advances in his field, with a special interest in cosmetic and implant dentistry. James’ passion for providing state-of-the-art treatment has been fueled by his desire to provide each and every patient the opportunity to enjoy the pride and self-confidence that comes with having a smile that is healthy as well as beautiful.